La Llorona

Drifting in and out of here or there

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Power high

Christmas sweets, chocolate in the air but only in my imagination as I drift down the remembering river, cruising the waterways to my last holiday with my babies and their laughter ringing in my ears as the little gifts are shared.
The trees hang here with light unlike the little houses we shared when we lived. I can settle into the electric center of the brilliant colors and lose myself in the energy around me forgetting for small moments the history of death.

Friday, December 08, 2006


If I could breath, I couldn't breath. A hawk hit a pigeon, hard above me. the feathers fly, drift, and float all around and through me.
I remember laughter, it floats down with the feathers, as once a pillow, filled with light down burst in the laughing of my children and there were whitesoft everwhere. In our noses, in our lashes and we had to close our smiling eyes to keep them from watering.